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4/17/2014 Matinee



As many of you know, HUGH PANARO plays his final performance on Saturday evening, May 3. NORM LEWIS will debut in the title role one week later on Monday evening, May 12.

The week in between Hugh and Norm (the week of May 5), we’re pleased to announce that our own Laird Mackintosh (current Andre as well as Phantom cover) will be playing The Phantom! Laird had previously covered and played the role in the Toronto production, and has gone on several times here in New York the last few months.

In NY, he’s one of only 32 gentlemen to play the man behind the mask: 13 official Phantoms, 4 limited engagement replacements and an additional 15 gentlemen who have gone on in the role as understudies. Laird will move from the understudy category to the limited engagement replacements. (Norm Lewis will become the 14th official Phantom and 33rd gentleman to play the role on Broadway.)

Congrats Laird!

Photo ©Greg Chow/

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch Submissions Only! I just finished catching up, and I got to say its hysterical! Can’t wait to see who else they throw in!


So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

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"Christine, I love— I love you."

So this is JRoxx completely breaking my heart.

This is absolutely NOT OKAY!

Bring this back for reasons


This is the choice! This is the point of no return!



23/40 Pictures of Hugh Panaro

Yep, that was exactly my reaction too.

So I went to see Rocky tonight.  

Apparently so did Ramin Karimloo.

Obviously seeing him twice in Les Miserables wasn’t enough. 

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Paul Stanley as the Phantom (Toronto 1999).

Depicted with Kimilee Bryant and Laird Mackintosh in photo 1, and Melissa Dye and Laird Mackintosh in photo 2. 

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a normal wednesday night as a college student



Beside A Person Delivering Packages

New York, NY 10001

If you have tears start flowing when you’re walking down the street during business hours, and you’re just not in the mood to be seen like every other time this happens, I highly recommended finding someone delivering packages and…


The Secret Superstar Behind The Phantom of the Opera

"It’s one of the greatest makeup jobs in Broadway history. Come behind the scenes to see how a legendary artist makes magic before the curtain goes up."

A wonderful article on Broadway’s makeup artist Thelma Pollard (featuring Laird Mackintosh as the Phantom).



- Laird Mackintosh